Advancing analytical solutions to commercial problems.

Precise analysis & pragmatic advice

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iResolve provides expert commercial services to the construction and engineering sectors. We are committed to advancing analytical solutions to commercial problems.

Our affordable and effective services are founded on precise analysis and pragmatic advice.

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Outcome Driven.

We understand the business disruption caused by protracted and expensive disputes. This is why our core objective is to achieve amicable resolution quickly for our Clients.


We are outcome driven and support Clients by providing;

  • Technological and standardised processes that reduce claim preparation timeframes, 

  • Fast track resolution processes that are tailored to resolve disputes quickly,

  • Strategic guidance informed by fact-based and statistical analysis.

At iResolve we are constantly looking to reduce the cost and timeframes of our commercial resolution services. We benchmark our rates and services to ensure that we are the fastest and most effective provider of commercial resolution services in the market. 

Being commercially driven, iResolve prides itself on finding mutually beneficial pricing mechanisms for our services and we are prepared to work under risk sharing agreements or pain/gain mechanisms. For example, we have recently provided our services at ‘base cost’ with gain share on values recovered above the iCRA P50 assessed value.

We specialise in;

  • Claim strategy and negotiation, 

  • Risk Analysis including; 

∙    iCRA 
∙    New Contract Contingency Analysis
∙    Contract T&C’s Risk Analysis

  • Delay Analysis, including iResolve As-Built Schedule Tools,

  • Quantum analysis, and

  • Commercial Management




We have successfully negotiated and resolved matters in excess of $500M whilst delivering on these Core Objectives.



Industry studies suggest that most claims are settled by negotiation. One of the advantages of negotiation is that matters, other than those in dispute can be discussed as a means to breaking the deadlock.




iResolve offers a structured negotiation framework designed to leverage all commercial options. The Core Objectives of our commercial resolution framework are to: 

  • Build trust

  • Bring parties together

  • Create a sustainable platform for future business


We have successfully negotiated and resolved matters in excess of $500M whilst delivering on these Core Objectives.

Notable Projects included:

  • Highway Melbourne (Victorian Roads)

  • Highways Pacific Coast

  • Water Treatment Queensland and New Zealand

  • Mining Perth

  • Rail Perth 


Combining expert best practices to strengthen our Clients negotiation position, we work with our client’s organisations to identify all ‘below the line’ items (those items outside of the dispute). We ensure documented and structured negotiation and timeframes are adhered to and we advise on claim prospects using iResolve Claim Risk Analysis.

iResolve have a detailed understanding of the law and apply expert witness best practices/standards to get the best outcomes for our Clients.


We specialise in using technology to assist with our assessments which reduces the timeframes for delivery and often partner with our Clients and offer flexible pricing models that are based on claim outcomes. 


Analysis & Technology.

In our commitment to advancing analytical solutions to commercial problems, we use technology to inform our outputs and have developed our own technological tools to short cut conventional dispute processes.


iCRA Claim Risk Analysis Tool

A tool exclusive to iResolve, iCRA allows each head of a claim and their associated risks to be modelled separately. The modelling is dynamic and can be adjusted in real time to show the impact that a specific risk has on overall claim recovery. Often independent claim assessments take many months and involve significant costs.
iCRA short cuts this process by aggregating the teams understanding using Quantitative Risk Analysis techniques.

iCRA can inform:

  • The walk away position in negotiation,

  • The Heads of Claim most likely to succeed or fail, and therefore, where to focus resources,

  • Revenue recognition in annual accounts,

  • Litigation funding and Insurance Recovery.

Fast As-Built Tool

To assist with our delay analysis, we have developed a specialised as built tool, which is used to develop as built programs from the forensic evidence in a much faster way than is traditionally achieved. This results in a significant saving in time and cost for claims and produces an excellent outcome for our Clients.



Commercial Management.

iResolve provides commercial management on live projects and have specific expertise that ensures that commercial priorities are expertly managed on behalf of our Clients. 

We also offer commercial support during the contract formation process. This may include a review of the contract and commercial risks and recommendations for amendments, or alternatively, appropriate contingency allowances. 


We pride ourself on offering live project delay and quantum expertise. Either working in your office or remotely, our delay and quantum experts support project delivery by ensuring adequate records are captured and claims are assessed correctly and in accordance with the contract.

Risk Management.

Specialising in claims risk analysis, at iResolve we have developed our own specialised software called iCRA. 


The iResolve Claim Risk Analysis (iCRA) tool forecasts claim outcomes and informs strategic decisions.

Strategy & Management.

At iResolve, we understand the complex stakeholder requirements of managing claims within large corporate organisations. This is why our claim management strategies and processes always consider organisation structure and internal communication protocols. 

We work with our Clients to provide ELT and Board briefing papers that clearly set out the status of progress of the claim. We also offer interim prospects reports supported by iResolve Claim Risk Analysis (iCRA). 

Internal stakeholder management is only half the equation. Our strategic commercial expertise helps our Clients determine the appropriate resolution process, tailored to the size and complexity of their claim. Our independent and bespoke short-form processes offer resolution at a fraction of the cost normally incurred in arbitration or litigation. 

iCRA aggregates the team’s understanding of the claim to determine a range of probabilistic outcomes, this analysis may be used to inform strategic decisions, such as, whether to formally pursue or defend a position. If a Client elects to pursue a claim, iCRA may be used to determine the walk away position and or the most advantageous resolution process, to supplement legal prospects reports and determine financial provision. iCRA helps build strategic alignment, especially where on-part acts on the behalf of other.



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