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Advancing analytical solutions to commercial problems.

Precise analysis & pragmatic advice

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iResolve provides the full spectrum of commercial services to all infrastructure,  construction,  engineering and resources sectors.

These affordable and effective services are founded on many years of experience in local and international project delivery.  

We have developed a collaborative approach to our services, which has proven to be an excellent strategy for client satisfaction. 

  • Dispute Avoidance Practices

  • Commercial Claims & Case Management

  • Project Front-End Loading

  • Contracts & Procurement Services for Project Management




We have successfully negotiated and resolved matters in excess of $500M whilst delivering on these Core Objectives.




Dispute Avoidance Practices (Facilitative/Advisory/Determinative).

  • Early Commercial and Contractual Intervention

  • Dispute Avoidance & Resolution Boards 

  • Project Controls Deep Dive Audits & Recommendations

  • Scheduling Analysis & Re-Baseline Services

  • Collaborative Recovery Workshops

  • Change Management Practices and Reporting

  • Variation Quantification Services

  • Expert Document Management Guidance or Discovery

Commercial Claims & Case Management.

  • Collaborative Development of Claims or Defence Strategy

  • Claim or Defence Risk Management Process

  • Discover/Collect/Collate all evidence & witness statements in support of the Claim or Defence

  • Development of the Claim or Defence Chronology

  • Test the Chronology against the available evidence

  • Develop / Review the Claim or Defence Draft Narrative 

  • Analyse and particularise the evidence 

  • Develop or Assess the Claim Quantum (Time & Cost)

  • Claim or Defence Assessment Report including Indicative Prospects

  • Arbitration and Mediation Framework Management

  • Case Management of Litigation

    • Development of the Expert Witness Briefs with Legal Partners

    • Finalisation of Project Personnel Witness Statements

    • Finalise the Discovery Software Tool and Hosting Partner

    • Develop a Fit-For-Purpose Discovery Plan and Timeframe

    • Regular Reporting of Claim / Defence Status & Prospects

    • Provide Input & Support Services for Settlement

Project Front-End Loading.

  • Project Development Framework utilising PMBOK & FEL Methodologies

  • Project Strategic Planning

  • Project Commercial and Contracting Strategy

  • Contractual Instrument &Template Development

    • EPCM

    • EPC

    • D&C

    • Turnkey

    • BOO

    • BOOT

    • Bespoke

  • Suppliers & Contractors Market Intelligence

  • Strategic Sourcing & International Low-Cost Supply

  • Contracts & Procurement Execution Plans

  • Tender Management + Evaluation & Analytical Services

Contracts & Procurement Services for Project Management.

  • Development of Contract & Procurement Packages for Construction

  • Conduct Pre-Qualification Services for Suppliers & Contractors

  • Manage the Tender Phase Process, including Clarifications, Evaluation, Negotiation & Award

  • Provide Contract Administration Services to Suppliers & Contractors

  • Provide Change Management Services 

  • Manage Claims & Variations with Project Controls 

  • Manage Progress Claims & Supporting Documentation

  • Commercial Interface with Project Controls 

    • Contracts & Procurement Secondment Capability

    • Commercial Management 

    • Contracts & Procurement Management

    • Contracts Administration

    • Supply Chain Management / Category Management

    • Buyers / Purchasing Officers / Expeditors

    • Quantity Surveyors

    • Inspection Services to International Low-Cost Centres



Analysis & Technology.

In our commitment to advancing analytical solutions to commercial problems, we use technology to inform our outputs and have developed our own technological tools to short cut conventional dispute processes.


iCRA Claim Risk Analysis Tool

A tool exclusive to iResolve, iCRA allows each head of a claim and their associated risks to be modelled separately. The modelling is dynamic and can be adjusted in real time to show the impact that a specific risk has on overall claim recovery. Often independent claim assessments take many months and involve significant costs.
iCRA short cuts this process by aggregating the teams understanding using Quantitative Risk Analysis techniques.

iCRA can inform:

  • The walk away position in negotiation,

  • The Heads of Claim most likely to succeed or fail, and therefore, where to focus resources,

  • Revenue recognition in annual accounts,

  • Litigation funding and Insurance Recovery.

Bespoke Tender Evaluation & Recommendation Tool


Consists of a suite of software tools & processes to provide objectivity to the tender evaluation phase.

Assists in providing a scientific approach to the evaluation and recommendation phase that drives best procurement practice.



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